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High-speed construction elevator

Yatai heavy industry construction elevator, from the cutting process to the process of splicing, welding, and then to the final painting. Each process uses the most advanced equipment in the country and cooperates with each level of quality inspection. To produce the safest and superior products for customers. And to ensure customer service after the sale, escort customers' products at any time!
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High-speed construction elevator
Product description

Product feature introduction:

1.Use SEW transmission mechanism, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, gear reducer efficiency reaches 96%, motor efficiency reaches about 90%.

2.Using SEW transmission mechanism, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, the gear reducer efficiency reaches 96%, and the motor efficiency reaches about 90%.

3.The electrical redundancy design is safer, and all details have been fully considered in the design, making the overall construction elevator safer. Equipped with a sliding contact wire conductive system, the power supply is safer and more reliable.

4.The whole machine realizes humanized design, uses three-dimensional software, after many optimizations, it is safer and more reasonable; the skin is durable, the structure is simple, and the subsequent maintenance cost is low.

5.The standard section, the outer guardrail, and the attached wall frame adopt hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment to extend the service life of the components and improve the overall efficiency!

6.The transmission mechanism, flap door, guide cable system, fence underframe, special maintenance section, electric control system, etc. realize modular design.

7.Patented products: patents for luffing booms, patents for anti-drop rollers, patents for appearance design, patents for intelligent electronic control, patents for limit cable arms, etc.

8.Equipped with automatic leveling function, accurate leveling, power-off memory function and position verification function, to ensure safe and reliable operation under any conditions. It can also be equipped with an unmanned driving function to realize unmanned operation and save labor costs.

Performance parameter table:

Serial number Project Unit Parameter Remarks
1 Rated load kg 2×2000  
2 Rated installation load kg 2×1000  
3 Rated lifting speed m/min 0~90  
4 Maximum lifting height m 500  
5 Hanging cage space (length × width × height) m 3.5×1.5×2.4  
6 Voltage V 380±5% 50Hz  
7 Motor Power kW 2×3×9.2(32)  JC=60% △接
8 Rated current A 2×3×39(67)  
9 Power kVA 2×3×24(40)  
10 Inverter power kW 2×110  
11 Reducer i 1:11.4  
12 Standard section model mm 650×650×1508  
13 Anti-fall safety device model   SAJ50-2.0  


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